Online Magazines

We’re hosting several online magazines on all kinds of topics. We’ve listed our largest websites below. We will add more magazines in the future, so please come back every now and then to check them out.


Our Dutch flagship website has been giving its audience their regular entertainment updates for the past three years. On this website you can find anything from movie reviews, giveaways, the latest news from the movie scene, events (such as Comic Con or Elfia) and anything else that’s related to movies in any way.


On our Dutch website you can read about everything that’s related to either technology, geek, games and even gadgets. This website has been running for over five years.

Let’s Talk Motorsport

Our first English website Let’s Talk Motorsport is focussing on motorsport. At this moment this website is mainly focussing on all motorsport versions with cars, such as formula 1, 2, 3 and the World Endurance Championship. But we are looking into the e-Sports as well.

Collaboration & advertisement

If you are interested in collaborating with one of our online magazines or want to know more about the costs we charge for advertorials or advertisement, please feel free to contact us at